Rule Chapter: 6A-7
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 6A-7.0100 Merit Award Program for Instructional Personnel and School-Based Administrators 11/20/2007
Rule file 6A-7.0335 Regional Centers for Implementing Services to Individuals with Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Autistic-like Disabilities, Dual Sensory Impairments, or Sensory Impairment with Other Disabling Conditions 10/18/1994
Rule file 6A-7.040 Purposes of School Food Service Rules (Transferred to 5P-1.001) 5/3/1988
Rule file 6A-7.041 Objectives of the School Food Service Program (Transferred to 5P-1.002) 6/28/1983
Rule file 6A-7.0411 Responsibilities for the School Food Service Program (Transferred to 5P-1.003) 1/25/2000
Rule file 6A-7.0421 Family Size and Income Level (Transferred to 5P-1.004) 6/28/1983
Rule file 6A-7.0422 Procedures for Food Service Companies to Qualify as Child Care Food Service Providers (Repealed) 7/21/2008
Rule file 6A-7.0424 Child Care Food Program Day Care Home Sponsoring Organizations (Repealed) 7/21/2008
Rule file 6A-7.045 Supervision and Administration (Transferred to 5P-1.005) 6/28/1983
Rule file 6A-7.0710 Instructional Materials Policies and Procedures 12/29/2011
Rule file 6A-7.0711 Substitute Editions of Instructional Materials (Repealed) 12/20/2011
Rule file 6A-7.0712 Local Instructional Improvement Systems 12/22/2011
Rule file 6A-7.076 Official Minimum Manufacturing Standards and Specifications for Textbooks (Repealed) 12/20/2011
Rule file 6A-7.077 Access to State Funded Electronic Library Resources by Accelerated Secondary Students 6/21/2011
Rule file 6A-7.080 Rebinding and Rehabilitation of Textbooks (Repealed) 11/26/2008
Rule file 6A-7.096 Educational Improvement Projects 11/18/1984
Rule file 6A-7.099 Challenge Grant Program for the Gifted 5/3/1983