Rule Chapter: 6A-19
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 6A-19.001 Scope, Coverage and Definitions 4/17/1985
Rule file 6A-19.002 Treatment of Students - General 3/11/1985
Rule file 6A-19.003 Health Services 3/11/1985
Rule file 6A-19.004 Interscholastic, Intercollegiate, Club and Intramural Athletics 10/30/1994
Rule file 6A-19.005 Student Financial Assistance 3/11/1985
Rule file 6A-19.006 Housing 3/11/1985
Rule file 6A-19.007 Student Employment 3/11/1985
Rule file 6A-19.008 Educational and Work Environment 3/11/1985
Rule file 6A-19.009 Personnel 3/11/1985
Rule file 6A-19.010 Strategies to Overcome Underrepresentation 3/11/1985